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Please read the following disclaimer carefully: All travel packages offered through All Inclusive Vacations on this website are provided by Travel Impressions Ltd.  All Inclusive Vacations is an intermediary for suppliers of travel packages.

Responsibility - All-Inclusive Vacations is acting as an intermediary and agent for suppliers in selling services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services which are not directly supplied by this travel agency (such as air carriage, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meals, tours, cruises, etc.).

This agency, therefore, shall not be responsible for any personal injuries, death, property damage, accident, disruption of travel, change of itinerary, irregularity, loss or delay, to you or your travel companions or group members, resulting from:

(1.) Breach of contract or any intentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such suppliers;
(2.) Any defect in any means of transportation;
(3.) Terrorist activities, political or social unrest, labor problems, mechanical or construction difficulties, monetary crises, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments; or
(4.)Any other actions, omissions or conditons outside the travel agent's control. By embarking upon his/her travel the traveler voluntarily assumes all risks involved with such travel, whether expected or unexpected.

Traveler is hereby warned of such risks, and advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage against them, including but not limited to travel medical insurance, lost and damaged baggage insurance, and/or trip cancellation insurance. Your retention of tickets, online reservations or bookings after issuance shall constitute a consent to the above, and an agreement on your part to convey the contents hereto to your travel companions or group members.

This agreement contains the terms and conditions by which Travel Impressions Ltd., 465 Smith Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735 ("Operator"), in consideration for a Participant's payment, agrees to provide these travel tours. Read this agreement carefully before sending any money.

Reservation and Payment - Travel Impressions, Ltd., 465 Smith Street, Farmingdale, New York 11735 (Operator of this program) accepts payment by American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. When payment is made by credit card, participants waive any charge back rights. Tender of payment to Travel Impressions constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Full payment is due at the time of booking, unless a deposit is made upon which full payment is due before the final payment due date.

Credit card payments must be made using a valid American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover bearing the legal name of a traveling passenger listed on the reservation. No third party credit cards are accepted. Additional documentation may be required to verify the legal cardholder identity. Your IP address is also recorded for verification purposes.

Responsibility and Liability – Operator (Travel Impressions), as the principal, is responsible for arranging and providing all of the services and accommodations offered in connection with these trips. The Operator does not own or operate, nor is it an agent for any of the firms which will provide goods and services for the trip or for any option which may be available in connection with the trip (including optional side trips, car rentals, etc.) and the Operator has not priced the trip or option to allow Operator to guarantee against failure of any such firms. Accordingly, Participant(s) agree to seek remedies directly with the supplier and not to hold the Operator liable, in the absence of its negligence, for any loss, injury, delay or expense which results directly or indirectly from any action or omission, whether negligent, criminal or otherwise, of any entity providing goods or services for the trip or any available option (e.g., without limitation, the quality of services, cleanliness of a hotel, hotel overbooking or any flight delay).

Participant(s) also agree not to hold Operator liable for circumstances beyond its control (e.g., force majeure). Participant(s) acknowledge that neither Operator nor its agents have made any representation or promises with respect to the tour described herein except as expressly set forth in the Operator's literature, unless such agreement is in writing and signed by an officer of Operator. At any time, the Operator may decline, for any reason, any person as a Participant on a trip (or option) whereupon the Operator's only obligation shall be to refund to such person that portion of payment allocable to the unused services.

Cancellation and Refund Policy - The right to a refund if a Participant changes plans is limited. All requests must be in writing and sent (return receipt) to the Operator. Operator will remit any refund to the Participant(s) within 14 days after receipt of the cancellation request. If your notice is received, your liquidated damages (per person) will be:

As soon as a deposit has been received, the following cancellation penalties apply.

Bookings cancelled:
46 days or more prior to departure - Minimum of $50.00 per person up to the full amount paid.
45-22 days prior to departure - Minimum of $100.00 per person up to the full amount paid.
21-0 days prior to departure - Minimum of $150.00 per person up to the full amount paid.

Once a booking has been paid in full, the following cancellation penalties apply.

The charges listed above PLUS:
All airline tickets. Minimum of $100.00 per person, up to the full amount. The above airline fees are subject to change.

Additional Charges:
Depending on the tariff, from $75.00 to the full amount of the airfare may be forfeited. Hotel penalties often apply, and the amount varies by hotel.

Cancellation penalties may vary depending on travel dates and hotel, due to certain hotel cancellation policies and airfare tariffs. Penalties up to the full amount paid may apply over holidays, peak periods and promotional sales. Airfare is normally non-refundable unless covered by trip cancellation insurance.

*****Cancellation Insurance is Highly Recommended*****
Airline fuel surcharges may be imposed by the airlines after depositing and will be applied to all bookings not paid in full. Airlines periodically change fare structures for all bulk air seats.

The airline may require full payment of the fare at anytime in order to avoid any increase in cost. All non-ticketed air seats may be subject to an across the board increase in fare even after a deposit is made to hold the space.

In the event of a change in fare structure, the airlines typically, but not always,  provide notice of final ticketing deadline in order to avoid this increase. Full payment for the airfare will be required by the deadline or the increased cost will be passed on to the traveler.

These decisions are made by the airlines and are not a decision of All-Inclusive Vacations. In the event of a change in fare structure, our suppliers may decide to ticket the airfare without having full payment on the booking.

The supplier will ticket the airfare to avoid the increase in fare and full cancellation penalties will be applicable to the entire deposit.

During selected holiday and peak travel periods, such as Christmas/New Year's, winter school break and Easter, your penalties may be higher and still subject to the supplier fees. All requests for refunds after a trip must be made through the booking agent and submitted to the Operator within 7 days after completion of the tour. All appropriate receipts and documentation must accompany the refund request. No refund will be made for features the Participant opts not to use.

The rights and remedies made available herein are in addition to any others available under applicable law. However, Operator offers refunds under this contract with the express understanding that endorsement of a refund by Participant(s) constitutes a waiver of any such additional rights and remedies. In the event of a cancellation, original documents must be returned to:
Travel Impressions
465 Smith St.
Farmingdale, NY 11735

No refund will be made until original documents are received at Travel Impressions main office. Documents must still be returned even if an insurance claim is to be filed.

Revisions and Changes - Any revisions or changes made to a reservation are subject to a mandatory $50.00 change fee in addition to any other supplier fees. Revision or change fees vary based on the class of service booked, if ticketing has been completed or if the change occurs within the hotel's cancellation period. Revision or change fees are charged when any name, hotel, date or room category has been changed after deposit has been received.

Airlines changes before ticketing: $25.00 supplier fee per change plus any change in fare and airline penalty. Exceptions include holiday travel and any special promotions. Fees could be as high as $150 or more per booking plus any increase in fare or hotel promotion. Fee amounts are subject to change.

After ticketing: several fees may be incurred: $25.00 supplier fee per booking plus, $40.00 per booking to reissue hotel vouchers, $25.00 per booking to cover express delivery service (if within 14 days). If airline tickets are involved, fees of up to $150/ticket plus any increase in fare may apply to exchange tickets. Fee amounts are subject to change.

Forum for Disputes - Participant and Operator agree to resolve any dispute in a court of competent jurisdiction in New York State.

Documents - Documents will be mailed to your Travel Agent approximately 21 days prior to departure.

Check-In Procedure - Failure to check in at least two hours prior to departure may result in denied boarding and no refund will be granted.

International Flights Only - The operation of these flights is subject to the foreign government involved granting landing rights for the flights. If the direct air carrier cannot obtain these rights, the flights will be cancelled and full refunds will be made to all Participants.

Package Price - Includes only items specifically stated in Operator's current literature, the contents of which are specifically made a part hereof. Certain secondary features of a package (e.g., cocktail party, free sports, etc.) are based on supplier policy and may be changed, added or deleted after printing of literature. Operator has the right to substitute services or accommodations in similar categories for items listed in the literature.

Please Note: Operator reserves the right to reinvoice Participant(s) in case of an error made in computing tour price. When making a reservation with children,
per person pricing is a computed average of the total package price and does not reflect the true per person rate for both adults and children.

Luggage - The limit is two pieces of checked baggage and one carry-on piece. Each piece of checked baggage may not exceed a weight of 70 lbs. Luggage travels at the risk of the participant(s) and luggage insurance is strongly recommended. The direct air carrier's limitation on its liability for damage to or loss of participant's luggage is the actual value of such luggage, but no more than $400 per passenger for checked baggage and $400 per passenger for unchecked baggage for international flights and $1250 per passenger for domestic flights. Checked baggage fees are not included in the total package price and are collected directly by the individual airline.

 Insurance - Trip cancellation, health, accident and luggage insurance is available and strongly recommended.

Proof Of Citizenship -

***New Requirements***
Travelers to and from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Mexico and Canada will be required to have a passport. This is a change from prior travel requirements. The proposed implementation timeline is as follows: January 23, 2007 - Requirement applied to all air  travel to or from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. Passport information can be found at  the travel.state.gov website.

If you are a citizen of another country there may be additional requirements. Check with the nearest consulate of the destination you are traveling to and find out entry requirements for non-United States citizens.

Participant’s failure to enter valid legal names during the reservation process will result in change fees, aircraft flight changes and delays.
Participant(s) are subject to the ticket terms and tariffs of the airlines, which, when issued, shall be the sole contract between the airline and the Participant.

Travel Protection Plan- Travel Impressions wants this trip to be the best vacation of your life. To make sure that you have a relaxing, worry-free trip, we recommend our Travel Protection Plan, designed exclusively for Travel Impressions. Should you have any questions regarding the coverage, you may call the Travel Impressions Insurance Desk at BerkelyCare (800) 453-4053. To enroll in the plan, simply pay the Plan Cost included on your travel invoice at the time you make your trip deposit. The Plan Cost starts at $89 per person.

Insurance Protection while you Travel:

(1.) Clients can cancel for any reason right up to the departure time of the flight.
(2.) $200 Trip Delay: Reimburses you for meals, lodging and unused days should your flight be delayed due to equipment failure, strike, inclement weather, etc.
(3.) $5,000 Medical Expense: Reimburses you for doctor and hospital charges should you become ill or injured during your trip.
(4.) $800 Baggage/Personal Effects: Reimburses you should your bags become lost or stolen while traveling.
(5.) $100 Bag Delay: Reimburses you for the cost of necessary items should your bags be delayed by the airline for more than 24 hours during your trip.
(6.) Worldwide Emergency Assistance: 24 Hour access to the services of American International Assistance Services, including medical and legal referrals, emergency cash transfers, lost documents, etc.
(7.) Insurance protection is applied on a per passenger basis, meaning that a child is covered for any applicable airfare, if purchased through All-Inclusive Vacations, and the full child hotel rate, not the per person average of the total package price.

Note: This is not a complete description of all program benefits and limitations. Naturally, some restrictions and exclusions apply to the post departure insurance plan. Please refer to the Description of Coverage which contains the complete details of the policy terms, conditions and exclusions. If you have any questions regarding the insurance, you may call the Travel Impressions Desk at BerkelyCare, Ltd. (800) 453-4053.

The plan must be purchased at the time you make your trip deposit. The policy (#3041-9500360) is provided in addition to other applicable insurance or indemnity programs, where permitted by law and shall apply only after benefits have been paid. The policy provides limited benefits, health-insurance only. It does NOT provide basic hospital, basic medical or major medical insurances, as defined by the New York State Insurance Department. This insurance is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA.

Travel Impressions is not a participant in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation but it is a member of the USTOA. Travel Impressions, as an Active Member of the United States Tour Operator's Association ("USTOA"), is required to post $1 Million with USTOA to be used to reimburse, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the USTOA Consumer Protection Plan, the advance payments of Travel Impressions customers in the unlikely event of Travel Impressions' bankruptcy or insolvency. Complete details of the USTOA Consumer Protection Plan may be obtained by either calling USTOA at (212) 599-6599 or visiting their website at USTOA.com

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