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Third Party Booking Terms Print E-mail

Third Party Booking Terms & Conditions

A vacation reservation is considered to be a Third Party Booking when a person who is not a listed passenger on the booking is using a credit card to pay for someone else's vacation. (An example would be a parent paying for their son or daughter's honeymoon or an employer buying a trip to reward an employee and spouse. There are many other instances where a third party payment exists.)

In these situations, we require that a Third Party Credit Card Form be submitted within 1 business day of the date of the reservation. The credit card will be charged immediately when the reservation is made, but the Third Party Credit Card form is required as additional proof of authorization.

In addition to the signed Third Party Credit Card form, we require a photocopy of the cardholder's drivers license and a copy of the front and back of the credit card used to make the booking.  This form is available on our Travel Documents page, and a link to the form will be present on the confirmation page and in the confirmation email sent once the booking has been made.

Failure to submit this form and required information within the specified time period of 1 business day will result in your booking being cancelled. Reservations made on Saturday or Sunday are required to submit the form by 5:00pm Eastern time on Monday. In the event of cancellation due to the failure to submit the form and documentation, a refund will then be issued for the full amount paid at the time of cancellation minus any applicable cancellation fees.  Please review our booking policy to see our cancellation policy and associated fees.
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