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Unending Beauty

Explore the unending beauty of the Bahamas with more than 700 breathtaking islands set in the world’s clearest water. This 100,000 square mile archipelago is sprinkled with a fabulous collection of resorts for families and romantics. Scuba divers will delight in elaborate reef systems and diverse ocean habitats. Beach lovers will marvel at the soothing blend of pink and white sands. Families come to discover a breadth of tropical activities. And romantics find renewed passion under the dramatic scenery that spans throughout the region. The Islands of the Bahamas infuse every vacation adventure with the grandeur of the Caribbean.

Nassau, Paradise Island

Walk along the famous streets of Nassau, Paradise Island for a breathtaking display of natural and modern charms. Crystalline beaches are dotted with swaying palms, and fabulous resorts line the oceanfront. Quaint shops and restaurants are dressed in colonial architecture, and the smooth tunes of goombay music are heard throughout the island. Golfers take solace in a variety of professional courses, and elaborate casinos offer the best in high-rolling entertainment. The variety of attractions on Paradise Island has long made it the destination of choice for Bahamas’ guests.

The Out Islands

Like hidden jewels waiting to be discovered, the Out Islands of the Bahamas form a vast archipelago that is truly a world unto itself. Journey to abandoned beaches, dive into ocean habitats, walk through Old English cathedrals, and visit the historic wonders of ancient civilizations. Charter a sea voyage from Nassau, or stay in one of the many resorts located on the Out Islands themselves. The Out Islands are exclusively for the adventurous at heart.

Recreation and Exploration

The Islands of the Bahamas host some of the most exciting recreations in the Caribbean, and promise boisterous activities for every age and aptitude. Tee off on championship golf courses or explore flourishing nature preserves. Sail through uninhabited cays or dive in stunningly clear waters. Nighttime calls for a jubilee of drums and dancing while the friendly faces of the Bahamian culture make every stay as warm as the sunset.

Weddings and Romance

Breathtaking beaches and vivid landscapes invite the most ardent romantics to indulge in the Islands of the Bahamas. Elaborate hotels and beachside inns are dotted along the shore, and expert wedding specialists can arrange the finest details of your ceremony. Retreat to an abandoned cay or bask in the luxuries of your all inclusive suite. The mixture of resort comforts and island beauty make the Islands of the Bahamas a popular destination for romance in the Caribbean.

A Spectacular String of Islands

The Bahamas is a spectacular string of islands that blends resort comforts with a rich colonial heritage. Endless white sand, charming structures and beachside accommodations create an inspiring getaway for both families and couples. Check out our featured resorts in the Bahamas and make your escape today!

Destination information is subject to change without prior notice.  Travelers are advised to use extreme caution and common sense when venturing out in any foreign destination. While luxury beach destinations can be quite alluring, remember to keep your guard up when approached by locals in any foreign area. We advise guests to attend the resort orientation upon arrival(if provided) and conduct plenty of research prior to arriving at your destination. The information provided on this site is not comprehensive and we advise travelers to utilize the official tourist board site for each resort area, the CDC, travel.state.gov and other official sources for up to date destination information.

Available Resorts
Getting There

Entry Requirements

All travelers between the U.S. and the Caribbean are required to carry passports beginning January 23, 2007 as required by the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. We encourage you to start the passport application processes early to avoid delays. Travelers should allow a minimum of ten weeks between their application submission and receipt of passport. Passports can also be expedited for an additional fee.
The most up to date travel requirements may be found by visiting travel.state.gov


Vaccinations are not required for travelers from the U.S., England or Canada. We advise clients to visit www.cdc.gov for the latest information.

Departure Tax

The Islands Of The Bahamas requires a departure tax between $15 and $18 dollars payable in U.S. or Bahamian currency. This tax is not applicable to children under the age of 6. Departure tax is subject to change.

What to Wear

Casual shirts and shorts are ideal year round, while a light jacket or sweater may be needed in the winter season. Many hotel restaurants require a collared shirt and long pants for men at dinnertime.  Sundresses or island casual is normally acceptable at dinner for ladies.  Beach clothing needs to be covered before entering the streets or public venues.


Both U.S. and Bahamian dollars are accepted and interchangeable in the Bahamas. The exchange rate is the same and both types are of equal value. ATM’s provide instant access to cash in the major resort areas, and most ATM’s accept debit cards endorsed by a major credit card company. Traveler’s checks and credit cards are also accepted by most vendors, while some spots in the Out Islands require cash.


A verbal baggage declaration is required when arriving in the Bahamas, and luggage is subject to customs inspections. Travelers carrying dutiable items will need to fill out a Baggage Declaration Form. Customs allowances include: 50 cigars or cigarettes or 1 lb of tobacco and 1 qt of spirits. All personal effects including laptops are duty free.


British rules reqiure driving on the left side of the road. Drivers should take extra precautions on roundabouts, and pedestrians should remember to look right before crossing the street. Travelers may use home licenses for up to three months.


Telecommunication in the Bahamas is current with U.S. and Canadian standards. Fax machines and switchboards are available at most hotels. The central provider of Telecommunications, BaTelCo, has roaming agreements with many U.S. cellular companies, establishing roaming rates of $3.00 a day and 99¢ a minute. To receive calls while in the Bahamas, dial 1-242-359-7626, wait for the second tone and then enter your number. BaTelNet offers 24-hour support, local-access dialing, 28.8k modems and access in the major developed areas.


The power supply in the Bahamas is identical to the United States, with 120-volt/ 60-cycle AC current. All American and Canadian devices can be used.


The water in the Bahamas is fine for drinking, brushing your teeth, bathing and anything else you would normally do. Anyone not comfortable drinking the water has the option of local and imported bottled water, available throughout the resort areas.


A variety of scheduled and charter carriers fly into Nassau, Freeport and various cities within the Out Islands.


Animals brought into the Bahamas must have a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and Industry. Permits are valid for one year and require a $10 application fee. The fee is waived for service dogs. More information can be obtained at the Bahamas Humane Society, open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Phone: 242-325-6742.


The Bahamas’ geography is made up of 700 breathtaking islands dressed in the charms of vibrant foliage, hidden cays and secluded beaches. This intricate archipelago boasts world-renowned wonders such as the third longest barrier reef, longest underwater cave system and the clearest waters in the world (visibility of over 200 ft.).


An average temperature between 70-85 degrees is mixed with the Caribbean’s refreshing trade winds.


English is the primary language of the Bahamas, so there will be no problems getting around. Be prepared, however, for slight variations with flares of Queen’s diction, African influences and island patois.


The Bahamas is part of the Commonwealth of Nations and is based on the Westminster Model of government. A bicameral Parliament rules with the Governor General, who is recommended by the Prime Minister to represent the queen.


Making first contact on the island of San Salvador in 1492, Christopher Columbus saw the shallow water around these beautiful islands and named them “baja mar,” meaning shallow water. Its close location to Florida and busy shipping channels soon won the attention of settlers, explorers, traders and invaders. Although the Bahamas shares a broad narrative, each island hides it own secrets, sights and personal history to enjoy.

Cultural Experience

The full Bahamian culture is seen at the infamous Junkanoo festival. Prepare for a sizzling display of dance, color, music and art from morning until night on December 26th and January 1st. Unscheduled festivals are found every night on the street corners and hot spots of the Bahamas. Dance to Bahamas’ traditional goombay music, bite into fresh conch, or pick up the unique dialect of Bahamian English while perusing with the locals.

Time Zone

The Islands of The Bahamas uses Eastern Standard Time. Eastern Daylight Time is used from April to October in conjunction with the United States' summer.

Destination information is subject to change without prior notice.



Deep green palms, soft white sands and clear blue water are the enduring elements of the Bahamas’ world famous beaches. Walk along the crystalline shore of Treasure Cay beach, considered one of the top ten in the world by readers of Caribbean Travel and Life. Or head to Harbour Island and see why the Travel Channel rated its beach among the finest in the Caribbean. Soothing pink sands sweep away all worries, and oceanfront resorts keep the pleasures of the shore just footsteps away.


Relish in a culinary celebration of the world’s flavors in the eclectic restaurants that span throughout the Islands of the Bahamas. Each island taps into the surrounding resources and serves spectacular seafood dishes. White conch and fresh fish are common menu items, as well as classic dishes from Mexico, Italy and the Orient. The variety of domestic restaurants and international venues have made the Bahamas a sumptuous destination for culinary indulgence.


Explore an adventurous world of rocky cays, blossoming tropics and striking coral reef systems. The Islands of the Bahamas offer the unscathed beauty of the Caribbean for any traveler willing to explore. Charming ports are sprinkled along 600 minor islands, and bustling marine habitats entice every serious scuba diver. See the Caribbean’s flourishing eco systems at Lucayan National Park or walk through the underground passages of Fort Charlotte. The mixture of natural wonders and historic treasures in the Bahamas leaves no room for a mundane vacation.

The Ocean World

The clear water, numerous islands and ideal weather of the Bahamas create a virtual playground for ocean aficionados. Navigate through cays, explore secluded coves or anchor in at one of the local ports for a taste of the Caribbean culture. Scuba divers will find an underwater world dressed in coral reefs, blue holes, extensive cave systems and mysterious shipwrecks. The world famous Andros reef features 140 miles of diverse ocean habitats. Large bone fish, extensive flats and a sizeable barrier reef have also made the Bahamas a fisherman’s paradise.

In-Land Attractions

The dramatic terrain and cultural treasures of the Bahamas provide a perfect backdrop for the many in-land recreations available. Championship golf courses skim along breathtaking seascapes, and colonial buildings rise from abandoned plantations. Visit old monasteries, medieval forts and antiquated British lighthouses. Or stroll through straw markets for a charming display of handmade crafts and fine artwork.


Jump into a Caribbean jubilee with spectacular oceanfront resorts that feature sizzling nighttime endeavors. Nassau and the Grand Bahama Island are bustling with casinos, night clubs and boisterous beach parties. Goombay rhythms fill the night air, and the friendly faces of the Bahamian people give every traveler the well-known warmth of Caribbean hospitality.

Destination information is subject to change without prior notice.

Weddings and Honeymoons
The endless beaches and charming edifices of the Bahamas have made it a coveted destination for weddings and honeymoons. Walk along pink and white sands, or say “I do” on a flourishing hilltop. Old cathedrals and historic sites create a distinctive backdrop for your Caribbean romance. Expert wedding planners are available throughout the major islands, and beachfront resorts provide their own inclusions for budding couples. Check out some of our most romantic resorts in the Bahamas!

Necessary Documents:

·    If divorced, the original or certified copy of the divorce decree.
·    If widowed, original or certified copy of the death certificate.
·    Government issued photo ID.
·    Evidence of the date of arrival.


·    Just a 24-hour stay is all that’s required before exchanging vows.
·    Those getting married in any island outside of New Providence can obtain a Marriage License at the Commissioner's Office on that island.


·    Wedding licenses can be obtained for $100

Wedding requirements are subject to change without prior notice.

Destination Wedding Resorts
The following resorts are recommended for destination weddings:

Honeymoon Resorts
The following resorts are recommended for honeymoons: