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The Dominican Republic is a dramatic tropical island in the heart of the Caribbean with treasures for the active and languid traveler. Eco tourists will discover an inspiring world of river valleys, green mountains and diverse eco systems. More than 15 national parks, 15 nature reserves and 2 marine sanctuaries span throughout the island and afford more adventure than one trip can provide. More relaxed travelers will find the sugary sands and clear Caribbean water of the Dominican’s beaches to be the premier attraction. Destination weddings, honeymoons and family vacations are perfectly hosted by the adventurous island of the Dominican Republic.

Exciting Tours

Diverse ecosystems span throughout the Dominican Republic and provide some of the most exciting excursions in the Caribbean. Take a safari through the jungle or shoot down white rapids in a raft. Nine unique ecological zones can be seen through helicopter tours, hiking trips or ATV tours. Most resorts feature a tour desk of the local excursions and can arrange for your day of adventure.

Golf and Scuba

Golfers will find the flowing rivers, dramatic mountains and serene coastal fairways to be an inspiring backdrop to a round at the links. More than 20 scenic courses are sprinkled throughout the Dominican, and many offer the handiwork of world-renown course designers. Journey to the island’s edge for a deep sea scuba adventure. Mysterious shipwrecks and vibrant sea creatures are just some of the anticipated sights in the Dominican Republics’ warm Caribbean waters. The Dominican is considered one of the top diving destinations in the Caribbean.

Culture and Cuisine

Jump into the action with a jubilee of cultural activities and resort excitement in the Dominican Republic. Quaint shops are found in the Dominican’s developed regions, and bustling bazaars treat travelers to a taste of the local culture. Browse through a fine selection of amber jewelry, domestic rum and perfectly aged cigars. Savor fresh fish mixed with the island’s most flavorful fruits and vegetables in the eclectic restaurants throughout the region. When the sun finally sets, you’ll find an endless selection of nightclubs, cantinas and moonlit beaches awaiting your footprints.
Extreme caution is advised when making a decision to venture outside the resort for nightlife in any foreign destination.  

Weddings and Romance

The Dominican Republic’s dramatic mountains and sugar-soft shores have naturally created a haven for the world’s romantics. Say “I do” on the beach or make a honeymoon escape to a boutique, all inclusive resort. There is no wait time in the Dominican Republic, and in-house resort specialists can plan every detail of your ceremony in the Caribbean.

Enduring Beauty

Caribbean travelers will bask in the enduring beauty and pristine resort comforts that are found throughout the Dominican Republic. Dramatic mountain ranges and slowly descending beaches treat the avid explorer to exciting excursions. And the rhythmic nightlife of the resorts keep the active guest fully satisfied. All the elements of a Caribbean escape are found in the Dominican Republic.

Destination information is subject to change without prior notice.  Travelers are advised to use extreme caution and common sense when venturing out in any foreign destination. While luxury beach destinations can be quite alluring, remember to keep your guard up when approached by locals in any foreign area. We advise guests to attend the resort orientation upon arrival(if provided) and conduct plenty of research prior to arriving at your destination. The information provided on this site is not comprehensive and we advise travelers to utilize the official tourist board site for each resort area, the CDC, travel.state.gov and other official sources for up to date destination information.

Available Resorts
Punta Cana
Getting There

Entry Requirements

All U.S. citizens traveling to the Caribbean are required to carry passports beginning January 23, 2007 as required by the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. We recommend that travelers begin the passport application process early to avoid delays. Travelers should allow a minimum of ten weeks between their application submission and receipt of passport. Passports can be expedited for an additional fee.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends Malaria vaccinations for those traveling to Punta Cana and intending on visiting the rural regions of the Dominican Republic.  Health requirements and information are subject to change without prior notice and we advise travelers to visit www.cdc.gov for the most current health advisories.

Departure Tax

Most airline tickets include departure tax, but we advise checking with an agent or your airline for more information. A $10 tourist card is required for entry.

What to Wear

Light shirts and shorts are recommended for the warm year-round climate. Some restaurants may require jackets for men and dresses for ladies.


The official currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican peso. Most tourist vendors accept and sometimes prefer the U.S. dollar because of its strong economic standing. Major credit cards and traveler’s checks are also accepted at most resort areas and ATMs can be found within the resort areas.


Driving in the Dominican is done on the right side of the road and various rental agencies provide rental cars for drivers over the age of 25. Driving in the Dominican is best left to professional taxis or resort-provided transportation.


The electricity in the Dominican Republic is modeled after the U.S. standard of 110 Volts/60 Hertz. Surge protectors are recommended for computers and appliances due to occasional voltage spikes in the Dominican.


Although the Dominican Republic as relatively clean tap water, it is still advised that visitors drink bottled water.


The Dominican Republic has a total of seven international airports:

    * Punta Cana International Airport
    * Las Americas International Airport (serves Santo Domingo)
    * La Romana International Airport
    * Santiago International Airport
    * Arroyo Barril International Airport (serves Samana)
    * Maria Montez International Airport (serves Baharona)
    * Gregorio Luperon International Airport (serves Puerto Plata)

Airport transfers are included with some vacation packages while other packages do not. Arrivals into one specific airport may include transfers but flying into a different airport may not.  For example, guests staying in Punta Cana will find that transfers from Santo Domingo will not be included and the price of the transportation will be much higher.  Please select the appropriate airport or consult an agent for details.


The Dominican Republic boasts a striking blend of geographical features that span from its sparkling beaches to its towering mountain peaks. A series of tropical jungles and pine forests adorn the terrain and are mingled with expansive desert plains. Swaying palms rest on the fringe of the dramatic landscape, introducing the soft sands that descend into the Caribbean waters. Under the waves is an equally impressive ecology of vibrant coral reefs and bustling marine habitats.


The Dominican Republic holds an average temperature between 78 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The warm tropical sun is complemented by the gentle Caribbean trade winds.


Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic.


The Dominican’s longstanding history begins with the mysterious Taino civilization. During Christopher Columbus’ famous voyage in 1492, he arrived on the island, which led to European enslavement. The many years following European contact were characterized by colonization and war. Today, remnants from the ancient Taino civilization and edifices from the colonial era attest to the rich history of the Dominican Republic.

Cultural Experience

Music, food and baseball best describe the cultural obsessions of the Dominican people. Merengue is the national dance of the Dominicans and its jubilant spirit can be seen in every cultural affair. Seasoning the music and accompanying the festivities is the savory taste of fresh seafood and ripe island fruits. Colorful cuisine is part of the Dominican way of life and is an important part of your stay. The bustling resort areas are surrounded by the many restaurants and marketplaces that fill the local streets. Handcrafted cigars, sweet rum and dazzling jewels make an excellent excuse for engaging the culture and bringing some of it home.

Time Zone

The time zone in the Dominican Republic is Eastern Caribbean Time (GMT- 4hrs.)



The Dominican Republic is bordered by more than 1,000 miles of pristine beaches that are cooled by the trade winds and sprinkled with palms. Sands ranging from white and gray to gold rest gently against the lapping tide and sit just footsteps from enticing resort properties. Couples have long considered the beaches of the Dominican as the perfect backdrop to their romance.


Savor the distinct flavors of Antillean and Creole dishes in the Dominican Republic’s eclectic restaurants. Fresh island ingredients such as fish, rice and vegetables are among cornerstone tastes of the Dominican’s domestic dishes. Charming cafes and formal restaurants also serve themed menus from Italy to Asia. Each resort offers its own collection of culinary options for travelers to enjoy.


Explorer’s are invited to traverse the adventurous landscape that dominates the Dominican Republic. The Jimenoa River flows through wide canyons, thick forests and finally down the infamous Jimenoa Falls. Take an ATV tour through sugar plantations or explore the bustling marketplaces. Daring travelers will want to climb to the peak of the Caribbean’s highest mountain, Pico Duarte. From the islands highest point to its lowest valley, adventure is waiting for the willing traveler.

Sports and Recreations

Ocean lovers are naturally drawn to the clear blue waters that surround the Dominican Republic. Scuba divers will find a treasure chest of coral reef systems, sunken ships and diverse marine habitats. Other ocean sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing are often available at the many all inclusive resorts that line the ocean front. Golfers will find many courses that feature well-manicured greens along inspiring seascapes. More than 20 courses are strategically placed throughout the Dominican, and many feature the work of design professionals such as Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus.


The Dominican’s lavish resorts present numerous nightly endeavors for the active and languid traveler. Join other guests in resort parties or bring your energy to an in-house disco. The jubilant spirit of the Dominican Republic is all part of the experience when the sun goes down.

Weddings and Honeymoons
The Dominican Republic invites couples to discover true romance within the palm-fringed shores, striking mountains and blossoming flora of the island. Escape to a hidden waterfall or traverse the hiking trails to a breathtaking vista. Resort specialists can arrange for your ceremony to take place in a variety of romantic backdrops. Everything from charming inns to elaborate all inclusive resorts make your honeymoon in the Dominican perfectly unforgettable.

Necessary Documents:

    * Passports
    * Original birth certificates
    * Single Status Affidavits translated by an official translator into Spanish at the Dominican Consulate where the document was issued.
    * If divorced, the Divorce Certificate translated by an official translator into Spanish at the Dominican Consulate where the document was issued.
    * It is recommended that paperwork be submitted at least six months before the wedding date. In order to speed up the process, photocopies of these documents can be sent to the Oficialia del Estado Civil. The originals will be verified upon arrival.


    * Resorts must be informed at least one month in advance, with a minimum of 15 days notice in order to reserve a judge.
    * Contact the resort to reserve a judge.
    * Two witnesses over the age of 18 must be present at the ceremony and present valid identification (passports for foreigners, identification cards for residents).
    * A Marriage Certificate is usually ready one or two days after the ceremony and must be requested by the local Justice of the Peace.


    * A fee of approximately $125 is required for registration.

Destination information is subject to change without prior notice. Wedding requirements subject to change.

Destination Wedding Resorts
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