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‘The Pinnacle of Vacation Bliss’

Mexico stands as a dramatic and daring destination with the natural beauty of a lost paradise.  Walk along sugar-soft shores that lie next to spectacular resort getaways, or explore the country’s vivid interior. Mexico’s 47 national parks and 22 biosphere reserves invite the most avid nature lovers to engage an inspiring landscape. Mayan ruins span throughout the region and Mexico’s enduring history has won numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites. Enjoy a different kind of fun in the festive cities that afford Mexico a sizzling reputation for nighttime endeavors. Thumping clubs, lively fiestas and chic bars are often included in the resort’s amenities. Mexico’s striking blend of modern and mysterious pleasures has become the pinnacle of vacation bliss for travelers around the world.

Mystery, History and Eco Tourism

The mystery of Mexico is found in the ancient cities and flourishing ecosystems that span from coast to coast. History buffs can explore Aztec ruins, meander through 17th century cathedrals or re-live the adventure of old colonial establishments. Eco tourists will be just as excited trekking through a range of diverse landscapes. Tropical jungles, flowing rivers and dry desert plains are just some of the environments that await the willing explorer.

Scuba, Golf, and Dramatic Seascapes

Thrill seekers and languid guests will find Mexico to be a virtual playground for vacation bliss. Warm, clear waters and striking coral reefs have long welcomed the most avid scuba divers. Many of the resorts in Mexico offer on-site water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling and more. Beyond the beach is an inspiring terrain with some of the finest golf courses in the world. Tee off on dramatic seascapes and drive down jungle-lined fairways. Other recreations such as beach volleyball and tennis are also available in many of Mexico’s resorts.

Weddings and Romance

Experience the romance of Mexico with a variety of lavish resorts that specialize in wedding and honeymoon packages. Wedding specialists can arrange your ceremony in some of the Caribbean’s most breathtaking environments. Towering seascapes, blossoming jungles and crystalline shores are just some of the backdrops that welcome the world’s true romantics. Mexico’s flexible marriage laws have made it a popular destination for tying the knot.

Endless Pleasures

From untamed jungle thickets to a world-renowned nightlife, Mexico is a welcoming destination for every kind of vacation agenda. Mysterious ruins and vivid landscapes are perfectly complemented by white-sand beaches and a host of lavish resort getaways. Feel the warmth of the Mexican people in bustling market places, or join the fiesta with exciting resort activities. Dramatic hillsides, blossoming flora and soft-sand beaches are just the beginning to Mexico’s endless pleasures.


Destination information is subject to change without prior notice.  Travelers are advised to use extreme caution and common sense when venturing out in any foreign destination. While luxury beach destinations can be quite alluring, remember to keep your guard up when approached by locals in any foreign area. We advise guests to attend the resort orientation upon arrival(if provided) and conduct plenty of research prior to arriving at your destination. The information provided on this site is not comprehensive and we advise travelers to utilize the official tourist board site for each resort area, the CDC, travel.state.gov and other official sources for up to date destination information.

Available Resorts
CancunCabo San LucasCozumelMayan RivieraPuerto Vallarta
Getting There

Entry Requirements

All travelers between the U.S. and Mexico must carry passports beginning January 23, 2007 as mandated by the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. It is best to begin the passport application process as soon as possible to avoid unexpected delays. A minimum of ten weeks should be allowed between the application submission and receipt of passport. Passports can also be expedited and express shipped for an additional fee. Visas are not required for US passport holders.


Vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Typhoid fever are recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Consult www.cdc.gov for up-to-date health information.

What to Wear

Shorts and light shirts are best suited to the tropical climate in Mexico. Different regions may require jackets and long pants. Check the climate of your destination  region before packing. Some resort restaurants require a collared shirt and long pants for men and resort evening wear for ladies at dinner.


Dollars are exchangeable for pesos at the various banks within Mexico’s developed regions. Major credit cards and traveler’s checks are also accepted by most hotels, shops and restaurants.


U.S. citizens that arrive by air or sea are limited to an import value of $300 per person. Those arriving by land are limited to $50 per person. Travel-related items can be brought in duty-free while any amount exceeding the duty-free limit is subject to a 32.8% tax.
To avoid an import tax on personal computers or other electronic equipment, write a statement about its use and removal from Mexico upon your return. A Mexican consulate in the United States must sign it before it is presented to customs in Mexico.
Guns and ammunition cannot be brought into Mexico without a permit from a Mexican Consulate in the United States.


Hotels in Mexico follow the U.S. standard of 110 volts of AC currency.


Clean water runs through most of the hotels in Mexico, and Cancun is home to the largest water purification system in Mexico. Bottled water is provided at most all-inclusive hotels. It is not recommended to drink public drinking water. Puerto Vallarata and Cabo San Lucas hotels and restaurants have purified water and bottled water is available in tourist areas. It is recommended to drink bottled water in these areas.


The Cancún International Airport is 5 miles south of the city center: one hour from Miami and two hours by air from Mexico City. The Puerto Vallarta airport is located 4 miles from downtown.   The Cabo San Lucas airport(SJD) is Los Cabos International Airport, which is 8 miles from San Jose del Cabo and 29 miles from Cabo San Lucas.


Pets can be brought with the following two documents.
1. A vaccination certificate confirming your pet has been vaccinated for rabies, pip, hepatitis and leptospirosis.
2. An official health certificate issued by a veterinarian at least 72 hours before entering Mexico.
Mysterious swamps, rugged mountains, arid deserts and verdant forests color Mexcio in every form of adventurous terrain. Natural pools are hidden in underground caverns and beautiful beaches stretch along the east and west coast. Tropical jungles and striking canyons are just a few of the wonders contributing to Mexico’s 47 national parks and 22 biosphere reserves.


The average temperature of Mexico stays pleasantly between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.


Spanish is the common language of Mexico.


Ancient cities, large temples and unexplained edifices have welcomed tourists for centuries and attest to Mexico’s enduring history. Travelers can explore Aztecan pyramids and lost Teotihuacan cities. The famous city of Chichen Itza is one of the most visited Heritage sites in Mexico. Recent history has left the relics of old cathedrals, 16th century monasteries and the unmistakable architecture of colonial cities.

Cultural Experience

Each region in Mexico offers a spectacular arrangement of festivities and cultural enrichment. Friends and family are often found dancing to salsa or sharing a drink at the local cantina. Different Spanish dialects and boisterous artwork can be heard and seen through the markets and malls that make up Mexico’s cultural fiesta.

Time Zone

The southern, eastern and some central region states are on Central Standard Time during the winter. Northwest and Pacific coast states are on Mountain Standard Time. And Baja California is on Pacific Standard Time. Daylight Savings Time is observed during the summer.

Destination information is subject to change without prior notice.



The shores of Mexico are drenched in the inspiring white and gold sands of Mexico’s 450 beaches. Ride the rising crests of the Pacific or sail the gentle surf of the Caribbean. Families and couples will find the breathtaking beaches of Mexico to capture the essence of a tropical vacation.


Centuries of culinary history have formed a melting pot of the world’s flavors with a decidedly spicy flair. Chili peppers, vegetables, corn and domestic meats are foundational to the many dishes served here. Many resorts feature restaurants with diverse flavors with themes from around the globe. Restaurants typically require a collared shirt and long pants for gentlemen and island casual for ladies when dining in the evening.

The Ocean World

Mexico’s shores are teeming with colorful corals and tropical marine life. Divers can explore the second largest coral reef system in the world on the eastern shore. Amidst the Yucatan Peninsula is a 60,000-meter system of underground rivers, sinkholes and caverns. Numerous sunken ships line the shores and provide a welcomed treasure for the adventurous diver.

Resort Recreations

Land and water sports are found over every dramatic landscape in Mexico’s exciting resort areas. Verdant fairways and manicured greens span over Mexico’s terrain and entice golfers with tournament grade courses. Water lovers can explore the ocean with a variety of resort gear. Sailing, kayaking and snorkeling are often available on a complimentary basis.

Excursions for the Willing

Mexico’s wild geography naturally welcomes thrill seekers and promises an endless array of excursions for the willing. Flowing rivers carve through misty mountains and tropical rainforests are laden with hiking trails. White water rafting, mountain biking and eco tours help you embrace all the adventure of Mexico.


Mexico comes alive at sunset and doesn’t settle until the early morning. Dance clubs, discos and the sounds of electronic lounges can be heard from the various hot spots that are often within the resort. Indulge in authentic Mexican entrees before joining other guests in resort festivities. Mexico’s beaches have also become a popular destination for an evening of romance.

Destination information is subject to change without prior notice.

Weddings and Honeymoons

Fall in love under the dramatic scenery and charming structures that sprinkle throughout Mexico. Wedding specialists can arrange a picturesque ceremony on a towering vista or beside a lapping beach. Flexible marriage laws and numerous resort wedding packages let you plan the finest details of your tropical wedding. Take a look at some of Mexico’s most coveted resorts for romantic getaways!


Necessary Documents:

  • Passport
  • Tourist Card/Visa
  • Copy Birth Certificate, translated into Spanish and confirmed by resident country.


  • The wedding is legal only if performed at a civil ceremony at a local Civil Register Office. Religious and traditional ceremonies can be performed after.
  • Depending on the Mexican state, there is a waiting period of 2-3 days.
  • Divorced persons must present a certified copy of the divorce decree and wait a year before applying for a marriage license.
  • Widows and Widowers must present a certified copy of the death certificate of spouse.
  • Blood tests for RPR, HIV and Thorax are required in Mexico before getting married. We recommend these tests be taken in Mexico at least 2 days before the wedding.
  • Two witnesses over 18 years old with proper identification are required to get married.
  • Sunday weddings are not permitted.


  • There is a Marriage License fee of $30 U.S.
  • Total civil fees for application and other are approximately $230 U.S.

Wedding requirments are subject to change without prior notice and resort packages may have requirements above and beyond any government mandates. 

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