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Venture just beyond the eastern shore of Mexico to discover the picturesque island of Cozumel. Warm water, white sand and swaying palms introduce a dazzling array of all inclusive resorts that sit on the ocean’s edge. Scuba divers will delight in a vivid reef system with colorful coral and a bustling marine habitat. Other ocean endeavors such as sailing, snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing are often provided as part of your all inclusive package. Languid travelers will find true serenity on the quiet shores of Cozumel, while active guests are just a ferry ride away from the boisterous city of Playa del Carmen.

Several shops can be found within the resort areas and in the small town of San Miguel. Shoppers will find a diverse collection of items such as silver jewelry and classic souvenirs on the strip of Avenida Rafael Melgar. Duty free vendors offer bargain prices on perfumes, name-brand clothing and traditional Mexican art. Serious shoppers can take a trip to Playa del Carmen for a larger selection of domestic and imported goods.

The in-house restaurants of Cozumel’s resorts offer genuine Mexican cuisine as well as numerous international flavors. Many resorts feature themed venues with plates from Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean. Couples can find romantic tables by the sea, and families will enjoy a collection of casual restaurants for a fun and flavorful outing. Check out your resort’s description for a detailed list of culinary options.

Cozumel’s nightlife comes alive within the dazzling resorts and in-house venues that sit on the oceanfront. Live music, thumping discos and late night bars invite all travelers to the Mexican fiesta. Each resort offers a unique collection of nighttime activities, so be sure to check out your resort’s description!

Exciting tours and adventurous attractions are waiting on the wild island of Cozumel. Ride through a tropical trail on horseback, or speed through the jungle on an ATV. History lovers can take a tour of the famed San Gervasion for a glimpse into the lost Mayan culture. Mysterious relics from as early as 100 B.C. attest to the sophisticated culture that once inhabited the island. Just stop by your resort’s tour desk to explore this flourishing island.


Water and land sports are found in true form on the island of Cozumel. Scuba divers flock here for the islands reef protected waters and intricate marine wildlife. You’ll find more than 50 dive operators along the white shores of Cozumel. True water aficionados are treated to kayaking, windsurfing and snorkeling at many of the all inclusive resorts. Golfers will also take solace in the professionally designed Cozumel Country Club. Check out your resort’s description for a complete list of water and land activities! 

Cozumel Country Club

Designed around the tropics of the Mayan tropics, the Cozumel golf course is an inspiring work of art. This new course features the design work of Jack Nicklaus, and presents 18 challenging holes within the islands trees, mangroves and wetlands Anyone with a heart for golf should put the Cozumel Country Club at the top of their vacation agenda.

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