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The Mayan Riviera is a playful and exotic region that boasts 240 miles of breathtaking shoreline and entices guests with a variety of fine resorts. Scuba divers flock here to explore the 2nd longest reef system in the world. History buffs come to marvel at the fabulous displays of Mayan civilization. And active guests look to the sizzling nightlife of Playa del Carmen for a taste of a genuine fiesta. Take a stroll down the famous Quinta Avenida for an eclectic selection of nightclubs, restaurants and lounges. Intimate accommodations and elaborate resorts make the Mayan Riviera a perfect hiatus for your family vacation or romantic getaway.


Charming shops and distinct cultural items are found in abundance in Playa del Carmen. Walk along the storefronts of Qunita Avenida for an eclectic display of boutique shops, handmade crafts, fine jewelry and numerous, duty free gifts. Restaurants with domestic and international flavors are also found sprinkled throughout the region and serve as a welcomed hiatus to a day of shopping.

Bask in the spicy flavors and fresh ingredients of genuine Mexican cuisine. Boisterous Mexican restaurants are often complemented by an array of international venues within the resorts. Mediterranean, European and Asian cuisines are just some of the many options available to guests of the Mayan Riviera.

Dance to the rhythm of live music and join other guests in the exciting nightly endeavors in the resorts of the Mayan Riviera. Bars pour a range of domestic and international drinks while thumping disco’s call everyone to an open dance floor. Relax in chic lounges or take a stroll on a nearby beach. Each resort holds its own surprises for an exciting nightlife in the Mayan Riviera. Look at your resort’s description for a glimpse into the nightly activities!

The premier sight in the Mayan Riviera is the vivid shoreline that welcomes travelers from around the world. Soft, white sands and crystal blue water form a breathtaking contrast for the romantic traveler. Just beyond the palm lined shores is a flourishing interior of tropical growth and intricate ecosystems. Wild jungles and diverse habitats have made the Mayan Riviera a coveted destination for eco tourists.

Adventurers will find the warm waters and rolling landscape of the Mayan Riviera to be perfect for tropical sports. Water lovers are often treated to complimentary water sports in many of the beachfront resorts. Kayaking, windsurfing and snorkeling are just some of the ways you can engage the warm waters of the Caribbean. Back on dry land you’ll find a variety of recreations such as tennis, beach volleyball and championship golf. Each resort boasts its own collection of water and land sports for the willing traveler.

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