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Unparalleled Beauty

St. Lucia is an exotic tropical island that spans over 230 square miles and is lined with breathtaking white sand beaches. Astoundingly clear water has beckoned ocean lovers from around the world, and charming beachside resorts are just footsteps from the lapping tide. The interior of St. Lucia boasts a vibrant display of tropical foliage and diverse ecosystems. Transcend the heights of St. Lucia to the island’s premier landmark, the Piton Mountains. Throughout the towns you’ll find a host of historic buildings and abandoned forts to explore. St. Lucia’s unparalleled blend of resort comforts, historic wonder and unscathed island beauty make it one of the most lucrative destinations in the Caribbean.

Nautical Adventures

Ocean exploration and nautical voyages are some of the most popular recreations for guests of St. Lucia. Scuba divers encounter an elaborate system of colorful coral along with exotic tropical fish. Mysterious sunken ships and hidden coves are just some of the treasures lying in the Caribbean deep. Above the water’s surface you’ll find bustling ports, impressive Yacht regattas and some of the best big-game fishing in the world. All inclusive resorts also offer water sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing and kayaking on a complimentary basis.

Natural Wonder and Historic Depth

Venture into the flourishing interior of St. Lucia’s tropical landscape through 29 miles of scenic hiking trails. You’ll discover a rich ecology sprinkled with hidden waterfalls, blossoming foliage and a variety of exotic animal species. Throughout the region are historic sites that tell of the island’s vivid past. Sugar mill plantations and abandoned military bases are just some of the edifices that give St. Lucia its depth. There are a handful of tour operators that make exploring the island a safe and unforgettable adventure.

Exceptional Resort Areas

St. Lucia’s wild landscape is complemented by fabulous resort areas with all the pleasures of a resort destination. Everything from elaborate hotels to boutique resorts can be found lining the oceanfront, and modern attractions are never far away. Local merchants line the streets and offer unique items at bargain prices. Many resorts also offer their own array of activities such as them parties, discos and piano bars. (Be sure to exercise caution if you decide to venture out of the resort.)

Weddings and Romance

Without question, the crystalline beaches and dramatic terrain of St. Lucia are perfect for every romantic agenda. Whether it be a honeymoon getaway or a spontaneous retreat, St. Lucia has the resorts to match your itinerary. Beachside weddings are a popular way to tie the knot in St. Lucia. And flexible marriage laws make it easy to elope in style. See what the inspiring backdrop of St. Lucia can do for your romance.

Irresistible Blend of Natural and Modern Treasures

Beginning with elaborate coral reefs and rising to the pinnacle of the Piton Mountains, St. Lucia presents a vacation experience like no other. The island’s rich ecology is complemented by lavish resort areas that offer a breadth of resort comforts. Romantic endeavors are perfectly complemented by the inspiring backdrop that always lies in the distance. Families will also discover an endless amount of tours, excursions and sports to engage the island with. St. Lucia delivers an irresistible blend of natural and modern treasures in the Caribbean.

Destination information is subject to change without prior notice.  Travelers are advised to use extreme caution and common sense when venturing out in any foreign destination. While luxury beach destinations can be quite alluring, remember to keep your guard up when approached by locals in any foreign area. We advise guests to attend the resort orientation upon arrival(if provided) and conduct plenty of research prior to arriving at your destination. The information provided on this site is not comprehensive and we advise travelers to utilize the official tourist board site for each resort area, the CDC, travel.state.gov and other official sources for up to date destination information.

Available Resorts
Getting There

Entry Requirements

All travelers between the U.S. and the Caribbean are required to carry passports beginning January 1, 2007 as mandated by the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. All Inclusive Vacations suggests you begin the passport application process early to avoid lengthy delays. Travelers are requested to allow a minimum of six weeks between their application submission and receipt of passport. Passports can be expedited for an additional fee.


Immunization is not required unless traveling from an infected area within six days of arrival to St. Lucia.  Recommended immunizations include Hepatitis A, Polio and Typhoid. Health information is subject to change. We recommend visiting www.cdc.gov for the most up to date health requirements.

Departure Tax

There is a Departure Tax of $22 U.S. ($54 EC) for passengers 12 and over. (Subject to change)

What to Wear

St. Lucia’s year round weather calls for light shirts and shorts. It is advised for swimwear to be worn exclusively around the beach and pool areas. More elegant restaurants will require jackets for men and dresses for ladies. Typical resort restaurants will generally require a collared shirt and long pants for gentlemen and island casual for ladies when dining in the evening.

Banks & Currency

Currency exchange and ATM’s are easily obtained through the many banks available in St. Lucia’s developed resort areas. The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the unit of currency and is fixed to the U.S. dollar at a rate of U.S. $1.00 = E.C. $2.70


Like most islands in the Caribbean, driving is done on the left side of the road. International driver’s licenses are accepted. Those without an international drivers license can purchase a 3 month permit for $20 U.S.  Driving is best left to professional taxis or resort provided transportation.


Cable and wireless systems support the telephones and cellular connections on St. Lucia. Public card and coin telephones are available throughout the island. Calling cards can be purchased at Cable and Wireless offices, St. Lucia Tourist Board Information Centers and other outlets. Cellular phones can be rented through the Cable and Wireless Caribbean Cellular offices. Most shopping malls provide Internet access and fax machines can be accessed through many hotels or through the Cable and Wireless offices in Castries.
The international dialing code for St. Lucia is 1-758. To call the U.S. dial 1 plus the number.


St. Lucia uses 220 Volts/50 cycles and 3 pin square plugs. Some places use 110 volts/60 cycles, 2 pin round plugs or flat American plugs. Adaptors can normally be found at the hotels.


The water in St. Lucia is safe from the tap and bottled water is available for those wanting an alternative.


Hewanorra International Airport at Vieux Fort and the George Charles Inter Island Airport just outside Castries are the 2 airports in St. Lucia. Take precaution when selecting your arrival airport. Resorts may be situated close to one airport and an hour's drive from the other. Convenience, price, and the type of plane enter into the decision on the arrival airport. Smaller commuter-type planes service the George Charles Airport (Vigie Airport- code SLU) while larger jets fly into Hewanorra (UVF).  


Standing as its premier attraction, the geography of St. Lucia is a stunning mixture of tropical rainforests, surreal seascapes and towering mountains. More than 230 square miles of rich and rewarding terrain climb to the twin Piton mountains for a breathtaking sight. Within the dense terra firma you’ll find cascading waterfalls, soothing sulfur springs and botanical gardens. St. Lucia also features the only drive-in volcano in the world.


St. Lucia holds a sub-tropical climate that is cooled by gentle trade winds year-round. The average year-round temperature is near 80 degrees.


The official language of St. Lucia is English, but the common patois of the St. Lucians is a French Creole.


St. Lucia is both an independent country and a member of the British Commonwealth. The Queen is the Ceremonial Head of State and is represented by the Governor General. A two-house system of parliament is made up of a Senate and House of Assembly.


St. Lucia’s vivid history began with the passive people of the Arawak tribe and has since seen a history of war for the many nations who have fought for its beauty. Columbus’ first discovery of St. Lucia in 1499 led to European influence and eventual European imperialism. Two centuries later, French and British forces arrived to conquer the island, which would lead to a 150-year war. Remnants of this enduring war are still seen through the many forts and military edifices scattered throughout St. Lucia.

Cultural Experience

St. Lucia adopts the cultural tendencies of the Caribbean with a deep passion for cricket, rum, and rhythmic island music. Creole cuisine, locally brewed ales and the unmistakable sound of calypso tunes are just some of the elements that you’ll encounter while mingling with the St. Lucian people.

Time Zone

St. Lucia is set in accordance with the Eastern Time Zone (4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time) and does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

Destination information is subject to change without prior notice.



The vivid interior of St. Lucia is introduced by a breathtaking string of beaches with sands from black to white. Translucent waters settle against the shore and mild trade winds blow through the tropical terrain. St. Lucia’s beaches deliver the unique experience of a Caribbean coast and a towering mountain backdrop. Definitely not to be missed!


St. Lucia boasts a wide variety of restaurants within and around the beach front resorts. Creole cuisine and international dishes are complemented by the island’s fresh fruit. Other tastes from France, Italy, India and America can also be found amidst the native restaurants that grace the island.


The flourishing rainforest, towering mountains and historic structures of St. Lucia are perfect for excursions. Ride through the jungle on an ATV, gallop across the beaches on horseback, explore the passages of abandoned British forts, or escape to a romantic waterfall. St. Lucia boasts an endless supply of natural treasures to enjoy, making it a natural haven for the adventurous soul.

Sports and Recreations

The island of St. Lucia is actually the tip of underwater volcano, which has produced a flourishing environment that is unique among Caribbean islands. Scuba divers are particularly interested in the elaborate reef systems and extensive caverns that have formed around St. Lucia. Various PADI dive centers are located throughout the island and can assist in a variety of deep sea adventures. Along the bustling ports and harbors in St. Lucia you’ll find large yachts and various ships. Exciting regattas and other maritime sports are some of the more popular activities on St. Lucia. Other popular recreations include golf, beach volleyball and hiking.


St. Lucia’s nightlife is found primarily within the different venues featured in the resorts. Local performances and live entertainment are normally complemented by a range of free flowing bars, restaurants and thumping nightclubs in the all inclusive resorts. Many of these recreations create a safe way for travelers to enjoy the island culture. Extreme caution should be taken when making a decision to venture out for nightlife in any foreign country.

Destination information is subject to change without prior notice.

Weddings and Honeymoons

The dramatic landscape and soothing beaches of St. Lucia have welcomed avid romantics for years. Towering mountains stand behind sugar soft beaches, and palms sway under the Caribbean trade winds. St. Lucia has an endless amount of locations to tie the knot, and many resorts feature comprehensive wedding packages. Resort and local wedding specialists can plan your nuptial celebration to the finest detail, and when the wedding is over, your honeymoon begins under the inspiration of St. Lucia.

Necessary Documents:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Status- If divorced, proof of Decree Absolute is required. If a Widow/Widower, the Death Certificate and original marriage certificate is required.
  • If there’s been a name change by Deed Poll or Adoption, proof is required.
  • If one of the parties is under the age of 18, evidence of parent’s consent is required in the form of a sworn affidavit stamped by a Notary Public.
  • If any required documents are not in English, an authenticated translation must be available



  • Normal wedding licenses require a residency of 4 days before the ceremony, after which a solicitor can apply for a license on your behalf.
  • The Special License requires no residency period, but costs $202 U.S.



  • The Marriage License fee is $125 U.S.
  • The Special Marriage License Fee is $202 (Requires no residency period)
  • Registrar Fees are $37
  • The Marriage Certificate fee is $3.00

Wedding requirements subject to change without prior notice. This is not a comprehensive list of St Lucia requirements.

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